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The Holy Trinity of Technology Marketing

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The B2B Content Marketing Workbook

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11 Responses to “Thanks for submitting your details for the B2B Marketing Manifesto.”

  1. Bob Apollo

    Not sure if the media is the message any more, but the content sure is the catalyst from Kansas to Kennington…

  2. Michael Brenner

    Doug, thanks for sharing this with me. I have not read something this “spot on” and succinct in a long time – if ever. I would love to help you get the word out and would welcome a guest blog post or summary on my site! Great work.

  3. Danielle Stitt

    I feel like I’m back at school, so much to learn! It’s given me lots to think about and already some ideas to action. You guys rock.

  4. Yuriy Bogun

    With your manifesto I can prove that Marketing is the philosophy.You deserve attetntion! I believe you guys! you expose your beliefs on me and this is a true pleasure. Would be nice to cooperate with velocitypartners on CIS markets. BR Yuriy Bogun CEO and founder of Agency of Industrial Marketing

  5. David Dorling

    Short, succint and free of jargon. The Manifesto articulates the issues and the opportunities that we have been discussing internally. It’s logical and I wonder why so many Marketing Exec’s struggle (me included) to get their Board to understand that the market has changed.

  6. Owen Ashby

    A great piece of work, nicely delivered. A good wake up call for the “marcomms” junkies.

  7. Natalie Dzepina

    Very interesting read and very much needed in the B2B industry. Great effort. :)

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