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Our New Year’s B2B Marketing Resolutions

New Years

Inspired by Neil’s resolution “to eat breakfast every morning”, I got everyone at Velocity to give me their B2B marketing resolutions. So here are the new year’s resolutions from the heavyweights (especially after Christmas) at Velocity:

Speak at more B2B industry events - To get the message out there that the old way of marketing is running out of steam

Target prospects that are really right for Velocity - Work with great marketers that really value what we do and how we approach marketing problem solving

Grow (sensibly)! – To meet demand while keeping service levels up.

Do more web video - This is a great way to get complex stories across quickly and clearly. We already do a lot of it but we will do lots more.

Spend less time (but better time) on social media - It’s not really social, it’s for work*.  But it can really eat up the time.

Write a smash hit follow up to the Content Marketing Workbook - We’re approaching a thousand downloads! Next time we’ll try to beat that.

Put more time and effort into website conversions - Otherwise what’s the point?

Use more lead nurturing tools i.e. Marketo - Better bait for catching clients

Create effective ROI metrics for social media campaigning - So we know what to focus our energies on

And mine:

Write one great headline a week
So Doug doesn’t have to keep grimacing like that

Be able to explain cloud computing to my mother
If I can make her get it, I’ve arrived…

This year we’re going to stick to them. Definitely.

*He says ‘work’ but I’ve seen him playing Scrabulous on Facebook.

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3 Responses to “Our New Year’s B2B Marketing Resolutions”

  1. John

    How about pay more attention to the spelling in your tweets? :-) )))

    (sorry, couldn’t resist that one).


  2. Claire

    (Un)natural selection. A fresh and consolidated piece on the B2B marketing evolution please. Mr Charles Darwin didn’t mince his words when it came to chlorinating the gene pool – I’m guessing Velocity will tells us exactly what is required : )

  3. Lucy

    Thanks for your comments guys. Doug has fat fingers, he can’t help making typos. Apologies all the same though! Claire -great idea, we like it.

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