Content Marketing

The problem with positive

They probably taught you to keep your marketing positive. Here’s why positivity is actually a bad thing.

What just happened? Content Marketing World 2014

For a content marketer, a trip to Content Marketing World in Cleveland is like a 6-year-old kid getting a three-day pass to Disneyworld — all rides included plus a free selfie with Mickey & Minnie (Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose in this case — I’ll let you decide which is which). It’s also kind of [...]

The Question

The one thing great stories have – and most marketing doesn’t.

Assuming the position

When content fails to make assumptions, it fails to divide an audience. Here’s why that’s bad.

What’s an infographic?

Everybody’s doing infographics, but few people talk about the format: What it can and cannot do.

Why your content marketing must get more granular

We seem to be reaching the saturation point for posts about how content marketing is reaching the saturation point. The after-shocks caused by posts like Mark Schaeffer’s Content Shock (over 600 comments and counting) and our own perplexingly runaway Crap slideshare, indicate that marketers are terrified by the idea that content marketing is reaching its [...]

Time for heroes

Letting other people tell your story is actually quite a good idea. Here’s why.

The missing post-purchase funnel

We’re so crazy about nurturing our prospects through the funnel. But what happens to them once they bought from us?

What’s the story, anyway?

Everybody’s talking about brand stories. Looks like we’re not all talking about the same thing.

We must in fact change the world

Content marketing’s disrupting…everything. Either you’re part of the disruption, or you’re chasing irrelevance

B2B Content Marketing Roundtable

Doug joined Joe Pulizzi of the CMI and Jim Burns of Avitage on this Marketing Made Simple TV show. Check it out.

Using Piktochart: a marketing technology review

A friend alerted me to Piktochart, the online Infographics creator so I thought I’d give it a try. Here’s my first impression after making two infographics, the one you see above (which took about 7 minutes) and a spoof Content Marketing Strategy infographic I cranked out last week and shared on Pinterest (yes, it did [...]

B2B Marketing Research: content marketing goes mainstream

A quick bit of B2B marketing research: a comparison of ‘Content Marketing’ compared with the general Advertising and Marketing category search volumes and with other related terms. From Google Insights for Search.

The editorial calendar for content marketing: a round-up

As B2B marketers get serious about content marketing, they’re starting to bring together the people, processes and technologies needed to run a continuous content-generating machine. An editorial calendar is central to this new discipline and the core of a marketing plan. To call it best practice is like calling breathing a best practice technique for [...]

How to use Prezi for B2B content marketing

Prezi is the cloud-based presentation software that’s like Powerpoint on LSD. Its ‘zoomable user interface’ (ZUI?) with swoopy transitions and infinite drill-downs make it a sexy alternative to boring old slides. Here’s how and why you should put it in your B2B content marketing toolkit…

Salesforce Social Success case study

Kieran Flanagan has written an excellent summary on SEOmoz of the Salesforce Social Success content microsite. He tells this B2B content marketing case story so well, I won’t try to re-tell it here.  Just wanted to share my favourite graphic from it: Says it all — the sweet spot for all B2B marketing is where [...]