B2B marketing

The problem with positive

They probably taught you to keep your marketing positive. Here’s why positivity is actually a bad thing.

Slideshare 3.0

Pushing the Slideshare boundaries a bit further – an experiment.

Iron Mountain

People do some crazy things with their backup tapes. Which is… well, crazy.

Only fools and prospects

Why just about everything in marketing compels you to treat your audience like they’re idiots.

The knowledge bubble

How tech marketers have everything to do with the tech bubble. And why more homework is all we have to stop the pop

The missing post-purchase funnel

We’re so crazy about nurturing our prospects through the funnel. But what happens to them once they bought from us?

Why I hate the '2' in 'B2B'.

The term ‘B2B’ has got to go. But what can possibly replace it? And who is to blame for it? Turns out, it’s me.

The B2B Marketing Fun Poll

We’re convinced that – even for the driest of B2B markets – successful marketing is fun marketing.

To all B2B media: A modest proposal

Make branded media available on your site, behind a special “paywall”, build more traffic, brand love and social goodness.

The editorial calendar for content marketing: a round-up

As B2B marketers get serious about content marketing, they’re starting to bring together the people, processes and technologies needed to run a continuous content-generating machine. An editorial calendar is central to this new discipline and the core of a marketing plan. To call it best practice is like calling breathing a best practice technique for [...]

Sexy new FODM 2012 mailer. Oooh….

The Future of Digital Marketing event (FODM) is a highlight of the digital marketing calendar and one of Econsultancy’s longest-standing events. So we were thrilled when Laura Wall asked us to do the main print promotional piece for the 2012 event.  We gave it to Luke Donaghey to design –– he did last year’s bright, [...]

Pinterest for B2B marketing: Velocity dives in

At Velocity, we never let a bandwagon rattle past without at least making a token effort towards hopping on board. So when Pinterest started to pick up steam, we registered without a moment’s hesitation. Our excuse? We need to learn about this stuff even if it’s not exactly suited to our business. As soon as [...]

The problem/solution structure in B2B content marketing

When it comes to structuring a B2B marketing argument, it’s hard to beat the good old ‘Problem/Solution’ structure. It’s stood the test of time for some very good reasons: It gets the target audience nodding in agreement – if they recognise the problem you’re describing, they’re much more likely to lean forward and give you [...]

Is B2B content marketing jumping the shark?

‘Jumping the shark’ is one of my favourite expressions. Wikipedia tells us it means “the moment in the evolution of a television show when it begins a decline in quality that is beyond recovery. The phrase is also used to refer to a particular scene, episode or aspect of a show in which the writers [...]

Starting with an earthquake and building to a climax

Sam Goldwyn, legendary Hollywood film producer (famous for malapropisms, paradoxes and errors of speech) once said: “We want a story that starts out with an earthquake and works its way up to a climax”. I’m not sure we quite achieved that at Velocity’s first live Marketing Masters one-hour-long interview with John Watton from Expedia.

Friday post: B2B AWESOME!!!

This is a Friday Velocity post. That means all bets are off, and this is totally NSFW. But fuck it. I think it’ll m

Billboard boycott – let’s start with B2B billboard ads

Having spent my entire career in marketing, I’m hardly an anti-capitalist. But there is one form of advertising that I’d happily see banned tomorrow: billboards. The multi-billion dollar outdoor advertising industry is built on a premise that all marketers should reject: that it’s okay to sell people’s eyeballs without their consent or benefit. As a [...]

The Marketo Revenue Rockstar Tour Review

I just got back to the desk the day after Marketo’s Revenue Rockstar event in London so I thought I’d file a quick report on it. The event was fantastic. A buzzing, interesting, challenging day full of best-practice insight on demand generation and marketing automation. Not to mention the chance to meet lots of people [...]

Are you coming to FUNNEL?

FUNNEL is a great idea (well, we did help develop it). It’s a B2B marketing event that covers the entire sales/marketing pipeline. It happens on 1 November at the Lancaster Hotel in London. As a friend of Velocity, you get a 20% discount to the event just by using this code: FLD508. Four tracks: Attract, [...]

Content marketing & marketing automation webinar

In case you missed last week’s Content Marketing & Marketing Automatation webinar put on by DemandGen’s John Sweeney, here’s a link to the archived talk with slides. In it, Bob Apollo of Inflexion Point and Hubspot takes you through his principles of content marketing and Doug Kessler from Velocity shares Twelve Lessons learned from our [...]

Are you the bore in the corner?

When he was working for a big B2B company, Andrew Walker did a brave thing. He audited every piece of communication that his company put out, with a cold, clear eye. And the result was, in Andrew’s words, “overwhelmingly bad. Every page on our website, every article we’d written, every e-newsletter, every piece of collateral [...]

Nine companies B2B marketers should know about

You’re a marketer, we’re marketers. It’s good to share the things we like. Here are nine companies you ought to know about. They all help marketers make more money for their companies; they’re all great at what they do; and they’re all Velocity clients – which says a hell of a lot about their judgement [...]

Internet Marketing Strategy: a meaty new briefing for all marketers

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the change taking place in digital marketing – and all the blogs, eBooks, videos and research reports that try to explain it all – take an info-break and read this one report from the Gods of Digital Marketing: Econsultancy. It’s the new Internet Marketing Strategy Briefing and, unlike the [...]

12 Lessons from the Manifesto Campaign – Project Open Kimono 13

We’ll be wrapping up the results of the B2B Marketing Manifesto campaign soon, but here’s a quick tour of some of the lessons learned as we brought the Manifesto to market. There’s some yadda-yadda to go with it but you’ll probably get the idea… 12 Lessons from the B2B Marketing Manifesto Campaign View more presentations [...]

Just buy the f**king product

Inspired by the story of the new best-selling children’s book sensation “Go the f**k to sleep”, we bring you the story of a CEO* brought to the edge of desperation as he copes with digital marketing.

Company blog as B2B skunkworks

How making your business’s blog into a testing ground for new ideas can drive innovation, and provide proof of conc

Project Open Kimono 12: Re-purposing and atomising your content

This is typical: you put a lot of effort into a chunky piece of marketing content — then retire it, move on and start working on the next piece. When you do that, you’re leaving a lot of content value behind and wasting a real opportunity to get more goodies for just a little more [...]

We’re Hiring: Digital Marketing Analyst

Are you ready for the Land of Accountability? If you’re a B2B marketer with a thirst for measurement then find out why we might be your next assignment.

A nice bit of visual B2B personalisation

LinkedIn just sent me a nice piece of highly personalized B2B email. I’ve never seen ‘visual persoanlization’ in an out-bound email before but it’s pretty compelling to see the faces of so many friends and contacts looking back at me.  I also like the little scribbled comments like ‘See Simon’s new job’. The only question [...]

What B2B marketers can learn from Viagra Spam

Viagra spammers have a tough challenge. They know that if they can get their message to a few billion people, a few thousand morons will place an order. But they also know that spam filters all over the world are set specifically to prevent them from doing so. One of the toughest hurdles: the email [...]

How to inject urgency into your B2B marketing

We talk a lot about the Battle for Attention in B2B and about Buyer Attention Deficit Disorder and the relentless Mississippi of info-dreck that gushes through us all every hour of every day and about how the best-laid campaigns of the humble B2B marketer doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in Haiti anymore. But we haven’t [...]