B2B content marketing

Content Marketing slides into the Trough of Disillusionment

  I just got back from Content Marketing World, our discipline’s annual pilgrimage to Cleveland, Ohio. I usually do a kind of random, listy round-up of things I took away from the show. No one person could actually summarize the whole event – there are as many Content Marketing World experiences as there are visitors [...]

What just happened? Content Marketing World 2014

For a content marketer, a trip to Content Marketing World in Cleveland is like a 6-year-old kid getting a three-day pass to Disneyworld — all rides included plus a free selfie with Mickey & Minnie (Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose in this case — I’ll let you decide which is which). It’s also kind of [...]

Leaseplan Telematics

For fleet managers, telematics can be scary. So we wanted the video to be friendly and fun.

Assuming the position

When content fails to make assumptions, it fails to divide an audience. Here’s why that’s bad.

Only fools and prospects

Why just about everything in marketing compels you to treat your audience like they’re idiots.

What’s an infographic?

Everybody’s doing infographics, but few people talk about the format: What it can and cannot do.

Why your content marketing must get more granular

We seem to be reaching the saturation point for posts about how content marketing is reaching the saturation point. The after-shocks caused by posts like Mark Schaeffer’s Content Shock (over 600 comments and counting) and our own perplexingly runaway Crap slideshare, indicate that marketers are terrified by the idea that content marketing is reaching its [...]

The knowledge bubble

How tech marketers have everything to do with the tech bubble. And why more homework is all we have to stop the pop

The B2B Marketing Fun Poll

We’re convinced that – even for the driest of B2B markets – successful marketing is fun marketing.