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The Holy Trinity of Technology Marketing

Answering the Three Questions that will earn you the right to sell…

Technology marketers (especially the ones who live in agencies) love to make marketing more complex than it really is.

While there’s a lot of craft in the practice of technology marketing – and some of it does start to resemble rocket science – the core of the discipline is very, very simple: you have to be able to answer three questions quickly, clearly and compellingly:

1. Who the hell are you?

2. Why should I care?

3. Why should I believe you?


That’s it. The whole enchilada of technology marketing.

If you can answer these three questions well, you’ll have done the hardest and most important part of your job. You will also have made the other parts of your job a lot easier.

This short paper is about The Holy Trinity.  Hope you like it:


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5 Responses to “The Holy Trinity of Technology Marketing”

  1. Chris Klopper

    Great piece! A powerful reminder to ensure that before we rush off to use our favourite tactic of the moment as it offers a pretty neat way to connect with our targets, that we must have the strategy basics covered to stand any chance of success.

  2. Jason

    What Chris said. It’s not the targets that have changed, but the tools.

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