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The B2B Content Marketing Workbook

Your prospects are being buffeted by a firehose of information. If you’re hoping to win their attention, you’d better be prepared to earn it.


Content Marketing is your way to cut through the noise and hop over the barriers. This short, sharp eBook summarises how we at Velocity approach it, including:

  • What Content Marketing and Thought Leadership are
  • Why you need to get good at them (and fast)
  • Why you’re perfectly placed to do it really, really well
  • How to pick a topic prospects care about
  • How to go beyond the dry, stale white paper
  • What we think ‘good’ looks like — lots of examples

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37 Responses to “The B2B Content Marketing Workbook”

  1. David Fideler

    This is the single best overview I’ve yet seen on strategic B2B content marketing — and the design is fantastic. I’m also a fan of Doug Kessler’s lively and engaging writing style; it’s a breath of fresh air that skillfully does the job while saving us from the dark side of B2B: boring-to-business marketing! The design and copy work together very well and I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed by the ideas and value delivered.

  2. Rachel Griffiths

    I just came across your e-papers and website the other day and I have downloaded several of them. I have enjoyed reading your B2B marketing insights and have shared a number of them with my colleagues here in Canada. Keep up the great work!

  3. Mark Joyce

    Simply useful! I especially liked the way you illustrated your points on pages 5-8. I’ll be using that technique.

  4. Richard Taylor

    This, along with the excellent Content Marketing Strategy presentation, are both really helpful for explaining the concept of Content Marketing to businesses. Thank you.

  5. Emma

    A great introduction to content marketing. Informative, very well written and a great design. *This* is how you do it!

  6. Stephenie Rodriguez

    Brilliant thought leadership by marketers for marketers. From all of us at MMG in Australia – Well done! We’re huge fans of your work!

  7. Jay Manahan

    It’s been several years since this has been written and I still refer to it up to now for inspiration and guidance.

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