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Velocity Xmas B2B Technology Marketing Newsletter: the Gift That Keeps on Giving

That’s right, deck the halls – it’s that giving time of year….

In our bumper edition Xmas newsletter, you’ll find:

A super-shiny new White Paper, ‘The Hierarchy of Benefits‘, which identifies one of the most important phenomena in B2B marketing: the inverse relationship between credibility and perceived value.

A recap of an old favourite, ‘Marketing Through the Hype Cycle‘, which explains how to work within the ‘Hype Cycle’ framework described by those clever boffins at Gartner.

A ‘best of the best’ roundup of Velocity blog posts from the past couple of months, including:  a discussion about Microsoft’s (strangely odd) ‘I’m a PC’ ad campaign; a hitchiker’s guide to essential web marketing tools; help on naming things properly; and some good excuses to create a social networking platform in a B2B environment.

In addition, we introduce you to all the new faces here at Velocity HQ – including nice guys Neil and Lee; plus a quick roundup of all the client love we’ve been generating lately (hint: great things happening at dotMobi, Psion Teklogix, and Secerno.

Excited!?  hell, we are!  Go grab it now

Meantime, happy holidays one and all.  Have fun.

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