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The Power of Content: a video case study

We’ve been experimenting with ‘guerrilla video’ as a promotional tactic for our clients and thought we should taste our own medicine. So here’s a rough draft video case story about a project we did for IntelliQ, an analytics company. See what you think

B2B video rough

The rough was made in iMovie, the free consumer app that bundles with any Mac. We just used still images, screen grabs and two tiny, free video clips (see if you can spot them).

It’s rough & ready but it tells a story quickly with some energy. Might look good if properly produced.  Now we’re looking at this kind of thing for clients — for web streaming, exhibition stands and presentations. Fancy getting into the movie biz?

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5 Responses to “The Power of Content: a video case study”

  1. Craig Killick

    Nice way of doing a case study guys.

    Quick and simple and more compelling to watch than many case studies are to read.

    Might give it a go myself this year – add in a bit of sexy graph flowing from Keynote as well. In fact, the new Keynote is good for creating these kind of things from scratch and has some great transitions now as well.

    Keep it it up. Craig

  2. Pete Jakob

    Thanks – like the quick and dirty approach. But is that Hank and the boys in the background?? If it was Apache I could get the joke…

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