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Slugwatch: the power of content marketing

We were just having a really thought-provoking conversation about content marketing with Andrew Findlater and Hooman Bassirian from Reed Business and they told us about Slugwatch, a service for UK farmers from Bayer Crop Science.

It does what it says on the tin: helps farmers monitor slug infestations by mapping slug activity.  It’s the polar opposite of glamorous, but an excellent example of content marketing: picking an issue that’s important to your customers and adding value to their understanding of that subject.

Slugwatch by Bayer Crop Sciences

Okay, slugs are a bit of a joke to us tech market types, but if your livelihood is winter wheat and you just stepped on a 3cm Deroceras... Bayer Crop Science just might become your best friend.

We’d love to hear about any other innovative content marketing you’ve seen out there.

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