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B2B marketing jobs in London

We want your body. And your brain. We’re looking for talented copywriters, designers and project managers, so if you’re looking for a job in B2B marketing, come and talk to us: stan@velocitypartners.co.uk.

Why B2B marketing is the place to be

  • Because business can change the world and technology is changing it.
    While Diet Coke will only ever be sugar water without the sugar.
  • Because it’s hard.
    You have to really understand this stuff to sell it. There’s no coasting.  And hard things are always more rewarding.
  • Because it’s exciting.
    Our clients are innovators and entrepreneurs. Brilliant people inspire.
  • Because it’s grown-up.
    We don’t condescend to the target audience and we don’t manipulate his or her insecurities. We build compelling arguments, back them up with air-tight evidence and incite action. And you don’t have to shower after doing that.
  • Because it’s incredibly dynamic.
    Digital, analytics, video, lead nurturing… this is the steepest learning curve you’ll ever be on. Ask any snowboarder: that’s the best part.
  • Because it’s cutting edge.
    Some of the new B2B tools are much more sophisticated than their consumer versions. They have to be when a sale can mean a million.
  • Because it’s important.
    For every bottle bought of Katie Price’s Sensation (or whatever), there are a hundred business-to-business transactions behind the scenes. In economic terms, she’s the tip, we’re the iceberg.

For more information on the kind of person we want, see below.

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