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Velocity is hiring geniuses – B2B marketing jobs London

B2B marketing job openings: geniuses wanted

We’re Velocity, we’re growing fast and we’re looking for a few geniuses (copywriters, designers, planners…).

But we’re not just hiring anyone who walks past the door and we don’t just fill slots with CVs. We aim a bit higher than that: geniuses with souls, manners and senses of humour.

To us, a genius is not someone with a high IQ, it’s someone who is more than usually passionate about what they do. Almost unhealthily passionate.

If you love marketing and business and technology and creativity, we think this is the single best place in the world to spend a career.

We’ll never be the biggest B2B agency in the world. Our goal is a lot less Gordon Gekko and a bit more Richard Feynman. We aim to be the most interesting B2B agency in the world. Which may not be as lucrative but is a hell of a lot more fun.

If you’re wondering whether business-to-business (and specifically technology) marketing can ever be as rewarding as consumer marketing, there’s a very short answer: it’s more rewarding. Here’s why:

Why B2B is the place to be

  • Because business can change the world and technology is changing it.
    While Diet Coke will only ever be sugar water without the sugar.
  • Because it’s hard.
    You have to really understand this stuff to sell it. There’s no coasting.  And hard things are always more rewarding.
  • Because it’s exciting.
    Our clients are innovators and entrepreneurs. Brilliant people inspire.
  • Because it’s grown-up.
    We don’t condescend to the target audience and we don’t manipulate his or her insecurities. We build compelling arguments, back them up with air-tight evidence and incite action. And you don’t have to shower after doing that.
  • Because it’s incredibly dynamic.
    Digital, analytics, video, lead nurturing… this is the steepest learning curve you’ll ever be on. Ask any snowboarder: that’s the best part.
  • Because it’s cutting edge.
    Some of the new B2B tools are much more sophisticated than their consumer versions. They have to be when a sale can mean a million.
  • Because it’s important.
    For every bottle bought of Katie Price’s Sensation (or whatever), there are a hundred business-to-business transactions behind the scenes. In economic terms, she’s the tip, we’re the iceberg.

If anyone tells you that B2B is a marketing backwater, thank them for their insight and find someone more interesting (and less fashionable) to share a drink with.

This is where the action is and Velocity is smack in the middle of it.

If you’d like to be a part of it, get in touch.

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5 Responses to “Velocity is hiring geniuses – B2B marketing jobs London”

  1. Jeff Ogden

    I’m a B2B marketing expert who used to work in London – and huge fan of Velocity. Any way I can help you guys and make some money for this Yankee’s family?

    Jeff Ogden

  2. Jeff Ogden

    How might we help each other? Can we have an NYC office too? Give Doug a place to go home too.

    Maybe work out a special comp plan……

  3. Elena

    Came across your site from one of marketo white papers and spend half day reading your eBooks. Manifesto made my day! The timing is right cause I’m writing marketing strategy for the next 3 years these days. A perfect job is a mix of fun, passion, innovation and expertise and it looks like you got it right. I wish you had an office in Shanghai, China.

  4. Doug Kessler

    Thanks Elena — much appreciated.
    I wish we had a Shanghai office too!
    (we’ve done work in Singapore and Tokyo…)


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