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We helped Salesforce UK with the launch of a new microsite. The site is called Social Success and it’s all about helping businesses harness the power of social media. Our job was to find the considerable pockets of expertise within Salesforce (the place is crawling with very, very smart people) then help package up their ideas and best-practice advice into content assets for the site.


The core piece of content on the site is a chunky eBook called The Social-Powered Enterprise: how social media is transforming your three most important disciplines. The three disciplines are sales, marketing and customer service and the book presents plenty of action points and cases in each area. There’s a form to fill in to get the eBook — but it’s worth it!

B2B Case Study SalesforceB2B Case Study SalesforceB2B Case Study SalesforceB2B Case Study Salesforce

If you’re putting social to work in your business, the rest of the Social Success site is full of best-practice content and expert advice for you, including:

Social Media Expert Interviews

With people like Jacob Morgan on Social Collaboration and Brad Cleveland on Social Customer Service. These guys really know their stuff and the interviews capture their thinking really succinctly.

Social Media Resource Roundups

These are short curated pieces that summarise some of the best resources out there across the web on subjects such as Mobile Social Media and Social Business Metrics and Social Selling (among others).

Dreamforce Takeaways

Dreamforce is the hottest tech event in the world, attracting amazing speakers. Dreamforce Takeaways are our attempt to summarise the most social-media-relevant sessions in a quick, easy-to-digest way. And you can listen to the original sessions and see the slides here too. Our favourite is the Social Roadmap session with Gary Vaynerchuk, Charlene Li of Altimeter Group and Adam Brown of Dell.But there are five more excellent ones to browse through.

Social Media Mini-Guides

These are more extensive articles on specific social disciplines including Social Selling and Social Customer Service.

Social Media Articles

Including this crowdsourced piece on Social Media Business Etiquette that had dozens of top-notch contributors or this one on Social Innovation.

A killer Social Media Infographic

On the Six Principles of Social Media Success from the eBook. It’s the social ethos captured in one rather tall graphic.

The site is a major initiative by Salesforce UK and it’s all about helping growing businesses (and businesses that are already massive) to get social media into their DNA – as Salesforce itself has done. It’s not about selling software, it’s about evangelising something the company really believes in (working with them, we’ve seen how they walk the talk).


The project was the brainchild of Kieran Flanagan, the inbound marketing manager for Salesforce EMEA and it’s an impressively ambitious play — the content will be rolled out to France and Germany this year.  Kieran’s case study on the project is on SEOmoz.


We’re not kissing arse when we say this (maybe a little) but Kieran has been hugely impressive through the entire process. He mined the considerable expertise and experience inside Salesforce to make sure we were capturing best practice strategy and real-world tactics. And did it with intelligence, focus and charm. We loved working on the project and learned a hell of a lot on the way.



New content for Social Success site includes:

The State of Social

An expert-sourced piece by five top social media thinkers.

B2B Case Study SalesforceB2B Case Study SalesforceB2B Case Study SalesforceB2B Case Study Salesforce


The Social Success Dream Teams

An infographic and ‘badge scheme’ that celebrates the top social media bloggers and influencers in Europe and North America.


Anatomy of a Case

An interactive prezi that shows the power of social customer service.


Kieran’s case study on this project highlights these results:

  • Traffic for the Salesforce.co.uk site in the 1st month was up 80% year-on-year
  • Traffic from social sites was up 2500 %
  • Over 6500 people signed up to the newsletter
  • The first eBook was downloaded over 10,000 times (with data capture)


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