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Project Open Kimono

Clients don’t usually want us to share the numbers behind their campaigns.
So we thought we’d do a case study on ourselves. And, to make things interesting,we did it live.


Project Open Kimono was a living case study of our own B2B Marketing Manifesto.
campaign. We declared our goals on the first Kimono post, then – in a series of 13 blog posts – tracked our progress and reported on our experiments, experiences and lessons learned along the way.


A quick overview

We produced the B2B marketing Manifesto as an experiment in psychographic targeting. The idea is simple: we recognised that we do our best work with clients who share a few characteristics: they’re confident, ambitious and up for new things.

So we created a piece that targeted this type of marketer: The B2B Marketing Manifesto
– a bit of an unseemly rant about B2B and a call to action.

We promoted the eBook using social media – our blog, Twitter, LinkedIn groups –
and in our email newsletter. Plus a few PPC and SEO experiments.

The results were…pretty extraordinary.


What we learned

We summarised the big themes in this Slideshare – and slides 15 and 16
show the real numbers:


The results

We announced our goals in the first post of Project Open Kimono and reported on the
performance after 6 months in Kimono post 13.

But here’s the summary after the first six months (the numbers have all climbed since then):


Goal: 1000
Actual: 1506

New names for database

Goal: 200
Actual: 399

Downloads of other content

Goal: +25%
Actual: +171%


Goal: 50
Actual: 87

Search term visitors

Goal: +50%
Actual: +86%

Views from social media

Goal: +50%
Actual: +65%

Concrete business meetings

Goal: 1
Actual: 10 and 5 new projects

The entire exercise has been hugely rewarding, enlightening and just plain fun. We put our money where our mouths used to be. We set out our targets, metrics and performance for all to see. And we’re really glad we did.

Best of all: campaigns for our clients have benefited from the things we learned in this
project, with measurable results.


All of the Project Open Kimono Posts

You can follow the story here, or dive into any bit that sounds interesting:

Project Open Kimono Part 1 – the one where we commit ourselves in public (Planning)

Project Open Kimono Part 2 – the one where it all kicks off (Thinking)

Project Open Kimono Part 3 – the one where confidence starts to rise (First results)

Project Open Kimono Part 4 – the one where the trick shots start (Cross-promotion)

Project Open Kimono Part 5 – the one where we share the first month’s results (Reviewing)

Project Open Kimono Part 6 – the one where we toughen up (Soul Searching)

Project Open Kimono Part 7 – the one where we find the world’s best marketers (Segmenting)

Project Open Kimono Part 8 – the one where we show that design isn’t everything (Style v Substance)

Project Open Kimono Part 9 – the one where lead nurturing proves its worth (Marketo)

Project Open Kimono Part 10 – the one where the form fights back (Form v No Form)

Project Open Kimono Part 11 – the one about autoDMs in Twitter

Project Open Kimono Part 12 – the one about re-purposing and atomising your content

Project Open Kimono Part 13 – the one with an early peek at the outcomes

Project Open Kimono Part 14 – the one where we share the lessons learnt and campaign’s results



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