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For 25 years, Basware successfully sold invoice automation services and software to big enterprises. But in 2011 the business reached a historical inflexion point. 

Management wanted big change: a business focused on network transactions rather than software licenses; small rather than large enterprises; and the Cloud rather than consultants.

The old Basware was no longer fit for purpose. A new Basware, supporting a new product road-map with clarity and purpose, needed to emerge, and fast.

We came in to help with a four point engagement: 

  1. Positioning and Messaging: Telling a new story that’s designed for a new market, suitable for an old market, and understandable to every Basware stakeholder.
  2. Visual Identity: Evolving the visual identity with flexibility to appeal to a new audience without abandoning the best parts of a rich and productive heritage.
  3. Content Marketing Strategy: Creating a content marketing tool box brimming with goodies to support new marketing of the new Basware across the world.
  4. Execution and Campaigning: Supporting the roll-out of new materials to help all audiences get to grips with the new Basware value proposition.


1. Positioning and Messaging

The new Basware story, built around a new product and transaction network, emerged from countless, top-level input sessions across Europe.

We created a string of heavily-researched and market-tested materials to communicate Basware’s business focus, messages and value proposition. The work provided the springboard for a new global marketing communications strategy.


Basware Positioning

2. Visual IdentityBasware Visual Identity

One thing’s for sure: you’ll only succeed as a cloud business for growing operations if you look like one.

Looking to execute major evolution of Basware’s visual identity, we set out to create a lighter, flexible identity that focuses on beauty and simplicity:

Hand-drawn illustrations: Perm options for flexible, simple but hugely effective design

Warmer faces: A human face emphasizes accessibility from a real, here-to-stay business

Simpler interfaces: Our audience wants to buy products that look, sound and act simple

Digestible diagrams: Every process sounds simpler when you present it wellBasware Visual IdentityBasware Visual Identity

Company Website


Product Brochure




3. Content Marketing Strategy

Like all good marketing teams, Basware knows that useful, lively and actionable thought leadership support is required to win over a skeptical audience.

We set about creating and developing a programme that gave every local team the right weaponry from day one.Basware


4. Execution and Campaigning

The content marketing materials to fill the marketing funnel from top to bottom. The new Basware launched with new web pages, ebooks, videos, infographics and data sheets to support local marketing teams drive global and local marketing campaigns.



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